The Warriors Fouling Issue

The Golden State Warriors have shown to be an average team this season. At 15-13, Golden State ranks 12th in net rating and 8th in the Western Conference Standings. Though likely stuck being a mediocre offensive team, The Warriors have proven to have far more success in transition than running a half court offense. A team full of athletes like Andrew Wiggins, Kelly Oubre, and Kent Bazemore, along with a floor general in Draymond Green, transition baskets seem to be the best way to bump the Warriors up a notch as an offensive unit. That showed again Monday night against the Cavs, when the Warriors had 31 transition points.

Unfortunately, in order to get these transition baskets, the Warriors must first get out in transition by rebounding the ball. The Warriors are ranked 29th in opponent offensive rebounding, giving up 10.1 per 100 possessions. This issue seems like it will remain for the foreseeable future, as the Warriors have no active centers. However, what they can help to get out in transition is to stop fouling in the half court. The Warriors rank dead last in both fouls committed per game (22.4) and opponent free throws per game (21.3). In the Monday night victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Warriors committed 23 more fouls, leading to 20 Cleveland free throws. Although the warriors are 7th in defense, their lack of defensive rebounding and constant half court fouling makes them more of a mediocre defense.

The Warriors constant fouling prevents them from their most effective offense. For a roster full of open court athletes who are new to both a team and this franchise’s culture as a whole, Steve Kerr’s read-and-react offense has its limitations with this roster in particular. Though it is necessary for this team to learn to play in Kerr’s offensive system in order to create good habits for next season, in order to maximize the players on this roster now and in the future, transition offense is key.

What are your thoughts on the Warriors fouling issue?

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